What Is Kioku?

Kioku is a flash card web application designed to teach and review Kanji stroke order. Say goodbye to brute force repetition and embrace a smarter and more effective approach to Japanese writing.

Kioku can be used on any device through a web browser (works best with Chromium based browsers)

Why Use Kioku?

Kioku uses a Spaced Repetition System (SRS) approach to reviewing cards. An SRS is designed to review information at the most optimal time to both reduce the time spent studying and to most effectively strenghthen your memory of the information you put in the SRS.

Ebbinghause Forgetting Curve

Other SRS systems unintentionally punish you for missing a day of review once reviews start stacking up. Kioku understands that you may miss a day and to prevent the headache of doing multiple days of reviews in one session, Kioku's algorithms will only progress on decks you review. Using Kioku you will not feel burned out after missing a day.

Free Software Used


Kanji stroke diagrams are based on data from KanjiVG, which is copyright © 2009-2023 Ulrich Apel and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

Draw Me A Kanji

Draw Me A Kanji (dmak.js) was created by Matthieu Bilbille and released under the MIT License.